Third Gear Scratch Podcast now streaming on!

i’m finally updating this guy and will be doing much more as we go along. started my own little podcast called Third Gear Scratch about the people who choose a career in the arts and all that goes into existing when money is sometimes slow to come in. how does the sausage get made? many artists will teach, wait tables, drive ride share or any number of odd jobs that allow them time to create and follow that path. some have had great success and live on that. some have had success and stay in even after that success and find ways to move forward as an artist. many stories, many lives.

you’ll also be noticing a page for private guitar and bass in lessons in my home studio and at our studio in the burbs of Des Plaines IL. i taught for 7 years before our relocation to Chicago about 10 years ago and i caught the bug. teaching music through guitar and bass gives me the opportunity to change the way a person, young or not young, to views the world through music. it allows me to inform them of what’s important to me about music and how approach writing music. i want to arm everyone with the tools to learn to figure out songs by ear, find the key, time and tempo without being a music theory wiz. i can teach you how to finish that song you can’t finish or how to begin a song you hear in you head but can’t play yet. keep your eyes peeled for more info on when to sign up for your child or for that special person –you. 1055497_174485_eebc228939_p

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