I offer private guitar, bass, and voice coaching lessons in the Chicago/Evanston area as well as online lessons via Zoom when available. All lessons are tailored to the students individual needs, are taught on electric or acoustic guitar, bass and include mp3s to study for future reference. 

My personal approach in teaching guitar is about turning the lights on for young and even more experienced players, instead of fumbling around in a dark room trying to learn to play by rote. We learn how music is put together by understanding the major and minor scales and their scale degrees, as it’s the building block on which all of music stands.

We choose songs that teach us this understanding that also resonate with the player, and with every song we’re learning why we’re using the notes we’re using, not just how to play these notes. I’m glad to use Shiner and Life and Times songs also as teaching tools too.

I use ear-training techniques to begin to understand intervals, which are the building blocks of music.

New rates for 2021 include lesson packages! Save money when you buy a block of lessons.

1 hour lesson – $50

1/2 hour lesson – $30

4 lesson hour package – $180 ($45 per lesson)

4 lesson 1/2 hour package $100 ($25 per lesson)

8 lesson hour package – $ 320 ($40 per lesson)

8 lesson 1/2 hour package $160

24 hr cancellation required on all lessons. It is the responsibility of the buyer to schedule and use the lessons, once a package is purchased. 

For more info or scheduling send a message from CONTACT page