Episode 91 – Ian Hultquist Third Gear Scratch

Composer Ian Hultquist quit his band Passion Pit in 2014 when they were at the height of their success, from spots on SNL to headlining Madison Square Garden to pursue his original goal of scoring for film and TV, specifically leaning into documentaries like Ivory Towers, Go For The Gold and First Monday In May and features like My Blind Brother (Nick Kroll/Adam Scott) before his current TV series Dickenson for Apple TV +. We wander around through his time at Berklee in Boston right as Passion Pit was blowing up on MySpace (yep) and went straight to the top, to his current life as half of the composing team with his wife Sofia as they literally write at the piano together, while also even more literally holding their newborn daughter, born at the dawn of the pandemic.  IanHultquist.com allenepley.com thirdgearscratch.com
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