Welcome back to my little site. Trying to collate all this stuff into something reasonable and not boring takes real work! I’m tired of dealing with me. That’s why i’m doing the podcast, or “internet radio show” as i’d prefer to call it because i get to deal with other folks for a change. Which is nice.  

I’ve actually been enjoying reconnecting with my family over these past 10 months. So much more healing and therapeutic than i’d have ever imagined. Getting a LOT done musically. Shiner put out a new record called Schadenfreude to nearly universal acclaimI’ve finished another project called BirdHands with my old friend Ian Prince (Houston/Porcupine), mixed by J Robbins, and have nearly finished a new “solo” album (vurp) that needs to find a name, currently being mixed by Dan Dixon. And I’m starting my third season (!) of my “pod” (also vurp) Third Gear Scratch and the mission of extracting info from incredible artists about how they’ve made their own journeys and successes possible has been cathartic and inspiring beyond belief. 

Thanks for checking out the site and looking around. Hope the new year isn’t as shitty for you as last year was for most of us. All info about my happenings will be found here in as much The Life and Times, Shiner, BirdHands, BrOasis,  and Third Gear Scratch Podcast is concerned. Praise be. ae