It’s been a big year. So relieved to be moving into ’23 with this new record done and in the can. ‘ Everything’ is being released on Jan 6th 2023 on Spartan Records and the release show is at the Empty Bottle on the same day. It’s been a good couple years putting this together but seems to have gone fast somehow. 

Huge spanks to Mike Burns for playing lap steel on these songs like an assassin, Dan Dixon for his pinpoint production and mixing, Mike Myers, Chris Prescott and Darren Dodd for top shelf drum tracks. Insanity. I really cannot believe how good it sounds. I’m excited for folks to hear it. 

Thanks to John Frazier and the amazing Spartan Records for jumping on board with the whole thing. John Lombardo and Smashed Plastic in Chicago killed it. If you haven’t gotten one yet, then get one here now EVERYTHING WAX

These tunes are kinda dark and dreamy stories. please enjoy..