The Life and Times is the name of my current and longest continuous running musical project with drummer Chris Metcalf and bassist Eric Abert. I’m incredibly proud of the work we’ve done collectively from 2004 till now. It started in my basement on Campbell St in KCMO with drummer Mike Myers in the winter of 2003, right after Shiner broke up. We wrote like fucking crazy and tracked it all on my Tascam 388. We ultimately had almost 30 songs after 6 months. John Meredith from SomeDay I joined us on bass for a short-lived first incarnation of the band, and after an ill-fated tour up the west coast in which a van died, thusly did that version of TLAT die on that tour also. 

But the songs that came out of those early months fed the band for several records, with our current line-up tweaking and reimagining some of the tunes. We pulled several rabbits from our collective hat; 2004’s The Flat End of the Earth EP, in 2005 Suburban Hymns, The Magician EP in 2007 , Tragic Boogie in 2009, No One Loves You Like I Do in 2012,  Lost Bees was in 2014, Doppelgängers in 2016 and the most recent Eponymous full-length came out in 2017. We’ve paused as I worked on Schadenfreude with Shiner for 2019-20.

In 2018 we did a 10 Year Anniversary Repressing of our 2nd album Tragic Boogie and embarked a series of celebratory Boogie shows throughout ’18-19. 

In these years we’ve toured with so many great and diverse bands, not just bands you’d expect. Among many others, Murder By Death, Pelican, The Besnard Lakes, Spotlights, Mono, The GetUp Kids, The Appleseed Cast, Local H, Russian Circles, Magnetic Morning, Nueva Vulcano, Molly McGuire, and all the rest i can’t think of right now. 

Eric got married and moved back to St Louis but we’re already about half way to finishing the writing on a new one! Chris and I will rendezvous with Eric at Earth Analog in Champaign in 2021 to write a new chapter in this never-ending fairytale 3 way bromance.