Electronical was the ad hoc and highly improvised name of my studio that i shared with my musical partner and collaborator in The Life and Times, Eric Abert. We had the opportunity to work with so many amazing artists and bands it’s too many to list here. I don’t consider myself a  professional studio producer but have found 20 years under my belt helping bands so i might be right for you and your project.

Sweet Cobra – RLYR  – Sarah Olmstead – Vast Robot Armies – The Anomaly – Sequioa – Sometimes Why – History Now – Mouth Captain – Pioneer 7 – The Life and Times – SpaceSuit – Fabulous Decline – The Shortest Forever – 37th St Blues Band – Chris Casello and Tammy Savoy – Withershins – Cosmonaut – Strange Rivals – HighDiver – St Elias – RedGrave and like i said too many to list here.