Musician/engineer/bartender/teacher/philanthropist/heart-throb Allen Epley talks with artists of all walks and at all levels of success about their own unique journeys and jobs they’ve worked in order to follow their passions. Many successful musicians, actors, filmmakers, composers, and comedians still have side gigs that afford them the ability to create their art for us. Some get to work in their chosen field and some work jobs that are convenient and make that buck. It is this unique hustle that’s at the heart of this podcast. How exactly does the sausage get made when there are bills to be paid? And what drives these maniacs to make our desperate lives better with their art when the pay-off often fulfills their hearts but not their bank accounts?

Episode 1 – Scott Speiser – Allen talks to actor Scott Speiser about his life as a Blueman, his new Amazon Prime series The Tick in which he plays the anti-hero Overkill, and his life of juggling auditions with day-jobs like hotel detective, TV dialog translator and a skinny Santa.


Episode 2 – Brian Case – In this second episode ever, Allen talks with fellow rocker Brian Case about the origins of his avant leanings, his new band Facs’ new record LifeLike, how to destroy a cocktail, and debate the merits of hairbands like Whiltesnake, SkidRow, Def Leppard.


Episode 3 – Jason Blackmore – In Episode 3 our hero, Allen Skypes with filmmaker/musician Jason Blackmore. They trace their origins in the nascent KCMO music scene, his films Records Collecting Dust now on Amazon Prime, and the often dubious decision to sign to a major label.


Episode 4 – Nathan Wetherington – Allen welcomes filmmaker/actor/drummer/Blueman Nathan Wetherington to discuss his role in True Detective, his new film A Thousand Miles Behind, and what it feels like to turn down George Lucas.


Episode 5 – Sarah Olmsted – Allen raps with singer/multi-everything Sarah Olmsted of Rows Arc about her new record High On The Tide he helped record, how to build a house, literally, and humans instinct to polish something till it disappears.  


Episode 6 – Jason Narducy – Musician Jason Narducy raps with Allen about the pain and joy of leaving your family for tour, running a successful business from the road, how best to upset your local congressperson, and why Dave Grohl loves him.  


Episode 7 – Clayton Brown – Filmmaker Clayton Brown raps with Allen about his new doc We Believe in Dinosaurs, what it’s like inside a modern-day Noah’s Ark, and what it was like to start the band Shiner with Allen and then get canned for Tim Dow.  


Episode 8 – Jeffrey Brown – Actor/drummer Jeffrey Brown riffs with Allen about his time on HBO’s True Blood, his long-running role Nickelodeon’s Henry Danger, how not to over-act and just be in the moment, all while taking the kids to school. 


Episode 9 – Greg Suran – Session/touring guitar guru Greg Suran riffs with Allen about his time with legends like B52’s, Joe Walsh, Sunny Day Real Estate, the ugly end of his lovely band Cupcakes and his gig on American Idol. He also loves both types of metal : hair and classic. 


Episode 10 – Chris Prescott – Drummer/guitarist Chris Prescott reveals to Allen the secrets of living simply, details his time in Pinback, No Knife, Tanner, Rocket From the Crypt and Jimmy Eat World, and talks about the impact of bandmate Terrin Durfey’s death on him.