Musician/engineer/bartender/teacher/philanthropist/heart-throb Allen Epley talks with artists of all walks and at all levels of success about their own unique journeys and jobs they’ve worked in order to follow their passions. Many successful musicians, actors, filmmakers, composers, and comedians still have side gigs that afford them the ability to create their art for us. Some get to work in their chosen field and some work jobs that are convenient and make that buck. It is this unique hustle that’s at the heart of this podcast. How exactly does the sausage get made when there are bills to be paid? And what drives these maniacs to make our desperate lives better with their art when the pay-off often fulfills their hearts but not their bank accounts? catch up with us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and SoundCloud by clicking your clicker here: THIRD GEAR SCRATCH

Allen Epley is the singer/guitarist and songwriter for his bands Shiner, The Life and Times and BirdHands and has been playing in the band for the Chicago BlueManGroup on bass and Chapman Stick for the past decade, tending bar at Longman and Eagle in Logan Square and teaching guitar in Evanston.

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